The Poynter Center is an endowed ethics research center at Indiana University Bloomington. The Poynter Center is dedicated to studying a broad range of ethical issues in American public life. Interdisciplinary in aim, the center uses the full resources of Indiana University to initiate research and teaching across traditional academic boundaries.

The Poynter Center directs it attention to the entire spectrum of American political and social institutions, drawing on the full resources of the university to carry out its work. The center's projects take a normative perspective. In recent years, the Poynter Center has focused on bioethics, religion, political ethics, research ethics, professional ethics, and technology.

The center was established in 1972 with funding from the late Nelson Poynter. An alumnus of Indiana University, Mr. Poynter was the chairman of the board of the Times Publishing Company, which publishes the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly.  

Gifts to the Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions help fund our endowment, which is called the Poynter Citizenship Fund. The interest from our endowment funds special programs and projects as well as some administrative costs. Your contribution helps provide a stronger financial basis for the future.

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The Poynter Center appreciates your contribution at any level.

For more information about giving, or to learn about specific projects that need additional funding, contact Glenda Murray, Program Associate, Poynter Center, 618 East Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405, 812-855-0261. Send an email message to Glenda Murray.



The Poynter Center Presents Cheryl Cottine

Congratulations to Research Assistant Cheryl Cottine on successfully defending her dissertation! Announcing a special Poynter Roundtable presentation on "Role Ethics and Confucianism." MORE...

The Poynter Center Presents Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks will speak on April 23rd on ethics, professionalism, and social work. MORE...

2014-15 Jesse Fine Fellows Announced

The Poynter Center is pleased to award five fellowships to IU instructors to support course development in ethics. Jesse Fine Fellowship.

2015 Poynter Center Fellow Announced

Jeff Fry, Professor of Philosophy at Ball State, will work on two projects involving philosophy and sport in Spring 2015. Poynter Center Fellowship.

Ken Pimple on Promoting Research Integrity

The Poynter Center sponsored a one-day workshop on Promoting Research Integrity led by Ken Pimple at the Annual Meeting of APPE in Jacksonville, FL on February 27.

Undergraduate Research Prize Winners Announced

Rachel Green, a junior in Sociology, Economics, and LAMP, for "The Ethics of the Social Worker"; Avinash Inabathula, a junior in Neuroscience and Biology, for "The Global Water Crisis: The Ethics of Clean Water." MORE...

Ken Pimple's New Book is Now Available

Ermerging Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies (PICT): Ethical Challenges, Opportunities and Safeguards is now available. MORE....


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