Each academic year, students at IU Bloomington who are conducting research for a class or honors project in any school or department may apply for a $200 Research Prizes in Practical Ethics for Undergraduates.

These research prizes are intended to stimulate ethical reflection in undergraduate education, reward highly motivated students, and facilitate original research at the undergraduate level. They enable students to develop close mentoring relationships with IU faculty and take advantage of the input and expertise of the Poynter Center community to include ethical inquiry as they hone their skills in their chosen field.


Undergraduate Research Prize 2014-15

Application Period Opens: November 4

Application Deadline: March 9, 8am

Selections Announced: March 23

Winner Presentations in: April 2015

Students at IU Bloomington who are conducting research for a class or honors project during academic year 2014-15 may apply for a $200 research prize.The application is in the form of a research proposal describing the purpose and methods of a project done in Fall 2014, Spring 2015, or across the 2014-15 school year. Proposals are welcome from all schools and departments at IU. Successful proposals will outline a strong research project supported by a faculty sponsor from the student's primary field of study, and include well-articulated ethical questions and considerations as a core part of the project. To get an idea of the variety and scope of possible topics, see our Previous Winners.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel on a competitive basis, and up to five winners may be selected. Each winner will schedule a 20-min. presentation based on their research at the Poynter Center during April of 2015, and will receive a $200 credit to their bursar bill afterwards. Depending on the student’s standing, the credit may go to lower the principle on their student loans, pay outstanding charges on the bursar bill, or the student may instead opt to send the funds to a registered student organization of their choice.

Winners may also submit the final paper or PowerPoint for publication on the Poynter Center web site if they so choose.

Application must include:

  • Your name, year, and major.
  • The name of a faculty advisor or sponsor for the project.
  • A title for your project
  • A one-page description that explains:
    • your research questions
    • what methods your research uses to study them
    • what ethical questions or issues the research explores
    • how you plan to address the ethical considerations (resources, theories, study design elements, etc.)

If the student’s work will be part of a larger research project conducted by a faculty member or team of researchers, the description should clearly explain what the student’s unique contribution will be.

Please contact eayoung@indiana.edu with any questions about the Undergraduate Research Prize.


Previous Winners of Research Prizes for Undergraduates

For information in undergraduates who have received Poynter Research Prizes in previous years, please visit this page.