Each academic year, students at IU Bloomington who are conducting research for a class or honors project in any school or department may apply for a $200 Research Prizes in Practical Ethics for Undergraduates.

These research prizes are intended to stimulate ethical reflection in undergraduate education, reward highly motivated students, and facilitate original research at the undergraduate level. They enable students to develop close mentoring relationships with IU faculty and take advantage of the input and expertise of the Poynter Center community to include ethical inquiry as they hone their skills in their chosen field.

 2015 Winner: Samantha Strong


Samantha is a sophomore, an Ernie Pyle Scholar in the School of Journalism, and pursuing an Individualized Major in Bioethics.

Her project: "Just Healthcare: a Rawlsian liberal-egalitarian perspective on the accessibility and affordability of treatment for chronic Hepatitis C patients."

The faculty advisor is Professor of Philosophy Sandra Shapshay. Strong will offer a presentation at the Poynter Center later this spring.

Among her other accomplishments, Samantha is a founding member of the IU Bioethics Society and on the staff of the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR).

Previous Winners of Research Prizes for Undergraduates

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