Jesse Fine Fellowship

Supporting the development and revision of courses in all disciplines to include practical ethics

Application Deadline: January 30

Selections Announced: February 12


The Jesse Fine Fellowship supports the development of new and revised courses that address practical and professional ethics in curriculum across the University. The Fellowship is made possible by a gift from Dorothy Fine to honor the memory of her husband, IU graduate Jesse Fine. Courses in all fields and schools are eligible; successful proposals may involve designing a new course, or proposing a substantive revision to an existing course in order to include more ethics or improve its treatment of ethics. The course must be approved to be offered by  the applicant’s home department or school before the end of 2018. Faculty at all levels as well as graduate students who teach may apply.



Applications will be reviewed in a competitive process. Up to five recipients may be chosen. Each receives a $2500 Fellowship, generally in two installments, one receivable upon acceptance of the Fellowship, and the second after the course has been taught, as confirmed by a letter from the department chair.

 All recipients will be identified as Jesse Fine Fellows of the Poynter Center, 2015.

In addition to receiving the funding, all recipients are expected to participate in a Fine Fellows luncheon to be scheduled in May, to share information about your course with other Fellows.

Optional: Recipients who successfully submit a session on their course to the Annual Meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics in 2016 or 2017 will have their registration fee covered by the Poynter Center. APPE is an international, interdisciplinary professional association. Their meeting accepts submissions in a wide variety of areas, including pedagogy. Learn more at:

Faculty Recipients:

Jesse Fine Fellows who are full-time faculty members can elect to have the Fellowship funds deposited to an existing faculty research account. If they do not have such an account, the Poynter Center will work with the home department to establish one. An initial deposit of $1,250 will be made upon acceptance of the Fellowship. The second installment of $1,250 will be made upon the course being successfully offered, as confirmed by a letter from the recipient’s Department Chair.

Graduate Student Recipients:

Jesse Fine Fellows who are graduate students will be given a research assistant position at the Poynter Center for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, or Spring 2016, and payment will be disbursed in two block installments via payroll, at the beginning and end. The Fellow will be expected to develop the course by the end of the specified term, and to notify the Poynter Center when it has been successfully offered, via a letter from the recipient’s Department Chair.

Application Guidelines

  • Cover Letter indicating (a) your commitment to fulfill the requirements of the Fellowship, (b) your contact information, and (c) confirmation of the support of your Department Chair or Director, including the latter’s name and contact information.
  • A current CV.
  • If this is a revision to an existing course, please provide the syllabus of the current course.
  • An essay of 3-4 single-spaced pages.
    • Begin with the title of your course, your department and school, a one-paragraph description of the course, and an initial list of readings and class objectives. In the rest of the essay, address these questions:
    • What are the basic or organizing ethical questions that you will examine in the class?
    • Where will your course be situated within your curriculum?
    • How often will the course be offered?  When will it first be offered?
    • If this a revision to an existing course, describe the extent and nature of the revisions.
    • What are your teaching philosophy and methods?
    • How and what will you communicate with your department and colleagues to ensure a successful incorporation of your course into your curriculum?
    • A letter of support from your Department Chair, sent independently of your application to Emma Young with your name in the subject heading. It should confirm the Department’s intention to offer the course if you are awarded the Fellowship.
    • Please submit your application as a single PDF document with each element clearly identified (cover letter, CV, syllabus of existing course if applicable, and essay) and all pages numbered via email attachment.
  • Read about previous recipients under "Previous Jesse Fine Fellows" in the side-nav.


    About Jesse Fine


    Jesse David Fine was born July 20, 1907 in Evansville, Indiana. Fine graduated from Central High School in Evansville and attended Evansville College (now University of Evansville) from 1923-25. He received an AB degree from Indiana University in 1928 and received his law degree in 1930 from the Indiana University School of Law.

    Fine practiced law in Evansville from 1930 to 1936. Fine and his two brothers owned Premier Theaters in Evansville, which at one time included nine theaters. By the late 1950s and early 1960s the brothers had sold or closed a number of the theaters, selling the last theaters around 1966.

    In 1953 the Fine brothers started WFIE television station in Evansville. They sold the station in 1956. They opened and later sold other stations in St. Joseph and Jefferson City, Missouri.

    Fine married Dorothy Seegal in 1958 in Sarasota, Florida. Dorothy and Jesse retired to Florida in 1966. Once he arrived, Fine partnered with two other broadcasters and established a new radio station in Ft. Lauderdale, which was later sold. Fine played golf and did community and charitable work. He wrote the IU Alumni Association in 1978 that he and Dorothy traveled “quite a bit.”

    Fine died Nov. 11, 1985 in Hollywood, Florida. Once Dorothy Fine became involved with Indiana University, she wanted to create a fellowship in practical and professional ethics in her husband’s name. She died in 2010. This fellowship is the result of her generosity.